Home Auto Repair How to Install Cargo Trunk Net on 2018 Honda Ridgeline

How to Install Cargo Trunk Net on 2018 Honda Ridgeline


Download 2018 Honda Ridgeline Cargo Trunk Net Installation Instructions – 1. Open the tailgate, then open the in-bed trunk lid. 2. Using a felt-tip pen, mark the center of the indents as shown. 3. Using a center punch, punch the center of the two marks. NOTE: If using an automatic punch, set it to the minimum setting. 4. While wearing eye protection, drill the two marks you made with a 13 mm hole cutter. Remove any burrs. NOTE: Make sure to drill perpendicular to the in-bed trunk. 5. Apply touch-up paint to the edge of the holes. Allow the touch-up paint to dry thoroughly.

6. Install the bolts into the anchors. 7. Press one well-nut into each hole. 8. Place one washer onto each anchor and install the anchors into each well-nut. Tighten the two anchors. NOTE: Make sure the well-nut is fully expanded to prevent water leaks. 9. Install the cargo trunk net onto the anchors and vehicle hooks as shown. USE AND CARE •The tailgate must be closed when using the cargo trunk net. • To prevent damage to the cargo trunk net or vehicle, do not store heavy or fragile objects in the cargo trunk net.