Home Auto Repair How to Install Extended View Mirror on 2018 Honda Ridgeline

How to Install Extended View Mirror on 2018 Honda Ridgeline


Download 2018 Honda Ridgeline Extended View Mirror Installation Instructions – 1. Wrap a shop towel around the hood latch. • Remove the front bulkhead cover. • Remove the intake air tube. • Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. 2. Insert the shop towel between the mirror holder and the door mirror visor to protect the vehicle as shown. 3. Remove the mirror holder, and unplug the vehicle connectors. 4. Plug the vehicle connectors into the new mirror holder. 5. Line up the guide ribs on the new mirror holder so they line up on each side with the actuator tabs.

Install the new mirror holder on the actuator. 6. Move the mirror holder in all directions to confirm it is installed securely. 7. Connect the negative cable to the battery. 8. Install the front bulkhead cover and the intake air tube. 9. Press and hold the audio unit power button for 2 seconds to restore the audio and navigation (if equipped) system functions. 10. Set the clock on vehicles without navigation. 11. If necessary, restore the systems back to normal operation as described in the Electronic Service Manual.