Home Auto Repair How to Install Remote Engine Start System on 2019 Acura TLX

How to Install Remote Engine Start System on 2019 Acura TLX


Download 2019 Acura TLX Remote Engine Start System Installation Instructions – 1. Remove the bolt between the rear seat-back and the rear seat cushion. 2. While pushing down on the seat cushion, pull the seat hook handles to release the hooks. 3. Remove the rear seat cushion. 4. Remove the bolt securing the side bolster. Lift up the bolster to release the hook, and remove the bolster. 5. Remove the harness wire tie. 6. Slide the transceiver onto the bracket. 7. Connect the wire tire with clip to the bracket. 8. Install the transceiver assembly onto the two studs, and secure it using the two nuts.

Torque to 9.4 N·m (6.9 lb-ft). 9. Locate the green and black connectors blue-taped to the vehicle harness, and remove the blue tape to free the connectors. 10. Connect the green and black connectors to the transceiver. 11. Secure the vehicle harness to the transceiver bracket with the wire tie. 12. Install all removed parts. ENGINE REMOTE START SYSTEM REGISTRATION NOTE: the PCM code will be required for this procedure. 1. Connect the i-HDS to the data link connector. 2. Select Honda Systems, then click the check button. 3. From the System Selection Menu, select ONE-PUSH START.