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How to Install the Roof Rails on a 2019 Acura RDX


Download 2019 Acura RDX Roof Rails Installation Instructions – Installing the Roof Rails 1. Remove the left roof molding starting from the rear of the roof, and work your way to the front. 2. Remove the six clips from each stud bolt on the roof. 3. Install the left roof rail to the roof with six TORX nuts. Torque them to 9 lb-ft (12 N·m). NOTE: Make sure the left roof rail is underneath the front glass molding. 4. Install each cap to the left roof rail with the two retaining tabs. 5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 on the right side of the vehicle. USE AND CARE Check the roof rail mounting bolts frequently, and retighten if necessary.

PARTS LIST Roof Rails Kit P/N 08L02-TJB-200 P/N 08L02-TJB-200A TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED T-30 TORX bit Torque wrench The following tools are available through the Acura Tool and Equipment Program. On the iN, click on: Service > Service Bay > Tool and Equipment Program, then enter the number under “Search.” Or, call 888-424-6857. • Trim Tool Set (T/N SOJATP2014) • Plastic Trim Tool (T/N SILTRIMTL10) NOTE: • Be extremely careful not to damage the roof and other finished surfaces of the body when installing the roof rails.