Home Auto Repair How to Install Rear Bumper Protector on 2019 Acura MDX

How to Install Rear Bumper Protector on 2019 Acura MDX


Download 2019 Acura MDX Rear Bumper Protector Installation Instructions – 1. Pull each lever and fold down the left and right third row seats. 2. Open the cargo lid. 3. Remove the cargo lining. 4. Locate and remove the rubber plug to access the spare tire hoist shaft. Lower the spare tire completely. 5. Attach the template to the rear bumper with masking tape as shown. 6. Using a pushpin, pierce four marks through the template as shown. 7. Remove the template. 8. While wearing eye protection, drill the four pierced marks to 12 mm.

• Wrap tape around each drill bit 10 mm (0.39 in.) away from the tip or use a drill stop. • First drill with a 3 mm drill bit, then with a 6 mm drill bit, then with an 8 mm drill bit and finish with a 12 mm drill bit. • Remove all burrs. 9. Using an alcohol swab, thoroughly clean the rear bumper where the rear bumper protector will attach. 10. Peel back the adhesive backing from each adhesive strip and tape the ends to the front surface of the rear bumper protector. Remove the small pieces of adhesive backing. 11. Line up the rear bumper protector to the rear bumper as shown and attach it to the rear bumper.