Home Auto Repair How to Install Remote Engine Start System on 2019 Acura MDX

How to Install Remote Engine Start System on 2019 Acura MDX


Download 2019 Acura MDX Remote Engine Start System Installation Instructions – 1. Remove the rear individual map light. 2. Remove the rear tailgate upper trim. 3. Remove the two clips from the headliner as shown. NOTE: Be careful not to bend or crease the headliner. 4. Locate the green connector with blue tape, and the black connector with grey tape, then remove the tape to release them. 5. Remove the bracket bolt from the bracket. 6. Slide the transceiver bracket onto the transceiver. 7. Connect the black and green connector into the transceiver.

Then install the clip on the connector into the hole in the bracket. 8. Using the bracket bolt removed in step 5, install the transceiver and bracket through the rear individual map light area. 9. Reinstall the two clips on the headliner. 10.Reinstall the tailgate upper trim panel. 11.Reinstall the rear individual map light and torque the bolt to 2.9 N•m (2.1 lbf-ft). ENGINE REMOTE START SYSTEM REGISTRATION 1.Connect the HDS to the data link connector. 2.From the System Selection Menu, select ONE-PUSH START, then go to Registration.