Home Auto Repair How to Install Snowboard Attachment on 2019 Acura MDX

How to Install Snowboard Attachment on 2019 Acura MDX


Download 2019 Acura MDX Snowboard Attachment Installation Instructions – 1. Rotate the two top clamps on the snowboard carrier perpendicular to the carrier. 2. Install two board supports into the snowboard carrier. 3. Install four rubber blocks on the top and bottom clamps. Install the rubber blocks with the top of each triangular mark (Δ) facing the inside. 4. Turn the two cam levers on the top clamp counterclockwise. 5. Attach the two bottom clamps to the top clamps. 6. Repeat steps 1 thru 5 to assemble the other carrier.

7. Attach one carrier to the front crossbar in the direction shown. Insert the barrel nuts on the top clamps into the square holes in the bottom clamps, then turn the four barrel nuts 90° to lock them in position. Install the other carrier onto the rear crossbar. 8. Turn the knobs on the top clamps to tighten the snowboard carrier. 9. Return the cam levers to the original locations (turn clockwise). 10. To prevent theft, install the screws in the holes in the clamps. 11. Repeat steps 8 thru 10 to secure the other carrier. 12. Try to rock the snowboard carriers to make sure they are securely installed.