Home Auto Repair How to Install the Trunk Drawer on 2019 Honda Accord

How to Install the Trunk Drawer on 2019 Honda Accord


Download 2019 Honda Accord Trunk Drawer Installation Instructions – 1. Thread the rivet nut onto the mandrel of the 6 mm rivet nut tool as shown. 2. Insert the six rivet nuts into the six holes in the vehicle panel, and install the hex wrench on the 6 mm rivet nut tool. NOTE: Make sure to insert the rivet nuts in the correct locations. 3. While holding the 6 mm rivet nut tool with the hex wrench, turn the 19 mm open end wrench counterclockwise to install the rivet nuts into the vehicle panel. 4. Remove the 6 mm rivet nut tool from the rivet nuts by turning the hex wrench counterclockwise.

5. Insert the trunk drawer into the left and right rails. NOTE: Hold the ball bearing cages in place while inserting the inner rails. 6. Install the trunk drawer assembly with the six bolts supplied, and torque to 3.0 lb·ft (4.0 N·m). NOTE: Hold the rails in place while torquing the bolts to prevent the rails from twisting. 7. Test the trunk drawer by pushing the yellow tab and pulling the trunk drawer open, using the handle at the bottom of the trunk drawer as shown. • Complete one full open/close cycle to test the correct installation. • Trunk drawer should slide smoothly, and stop at the full open position.