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How to Install Bicycle Attachment on 2019 Honda HR-V


Download 2019 Honda HR-V Bicycle Attachment Installation Instructions – Installing the Bicycle Attachment If you are installing the bicycle attachment on the passenger side, go to step 4; otherwise, continue with step 1. 1. Using the hex wrench supplied in this kit, loosen the three socket bolts on the bottom of the front plate. Then, slide the front plate forward as shown. 2. Position the front plate 9.65 in. (245 mm) from the end of the bicycle attachment as shown, and tighten the three socket bolts at the bottom. Then, torque the three socket bolts to 5.9 lb-ft (8 N·m), and rotate the arm as shown.

3. Slide the rear plate onto the bicycle attachment. 4. Insert the wheel straps through the tire adapters, and slide them on the end of the bicycle attachment. NOTE: Make sure both wheel straps are facing the same direction. For Passenger Side Installation 5. Install the end cap to the bicycle attachment by lining up the lock tab on the end cap with the hole on the bicycle attachment. Push down the end cap until the lock tab clicks into place. Repeat this on the other end of the attachment.