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How to Install Front Bumper Trim on 2019 Honda HR-V


Download 2019 Honda HR-V Front Bumper Trim Installation Instructions – 1. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. 2. Remove the front bumper. • Wrap a shop towel around the lever. • Apply masking tape as shown. • Remove the front grille cover. • Remove the 12 clips. • Remove the two self-tapping screws and four clips on each side. • Remove the front wheel arch protector on each side. • Remove the self-tapping screw on each side. • Release the five retaining tabs on each side. • With the help of an assistant, remove the front bumper and unplug the vehicle connectors (if equipped).

• Place the front bumper on a blanket. 3. Line up the template with the left front fog light trim. Secure the template to the front bumper with masking tape. 4. Using a pushpin, pierce the three marks in the template on the front bumper. NOTE: Make sure to pierce the marks perpendicular to the front bumper. 5. While wearing eye protection, drill the front bumper: • Drill the center pierced mark to 4 mm with a 4 mm drill bit. • Drill the left and right pierced marks to 8 mm. First, drill with a 3 mm drill bit, then follow with a 6 mm drill bit, and finish with an 8 mm drill bit.