Home Auto Repair How to Install 2nd Row Seat Covers on 2019 Honda Fit

How to Install 2nd Row Seat Covers on 2019 Honda Fit


Download 2019 Honda Fit 2nd Row Seat Covers Installation Instructions – Installing the Head Restraint Covers 1. Remove each head restraint by pushing on the button and lifting up on the head restraint. 2. Install a head restraint cover on each head restraint as shown. Installing the Left Seat-back Cover 3. Pull the lever and fold the left seat-back halfway forward. Install the left seat-back cover over the left seat-back. 4. Lift up the left seat cushion. Secure the fastener on the left seat-back cover as shown.

5. Lower the left seat cushion, and fold the left seat-back fully forward. Pull the seat-back cover tight, and secure it to the left seat-back with five fasteners. 6. Lift the left seat-back. Tuck the left seat-back cover under each head restraint guide as shown. NOTE: Make sure that the lower anchor holes are not hidden by the cover. Installing the Left Seat Cushion Cover 7. Release two seat belt buckles from two loops. 8. Install the left seat cushion cover over the left seat cushion. 9. Install the two seat belt buckles into the loops.