Home Auto Repair How to Install the Sports Suspension on a 2019 Honda Fit

How to Install the Sports Suspension on a 2019 Honda Fit


Download 2019 Honda Fit Sports Suspension Installation Instructions – 1. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Installing the Sport Suspension 2. With the vehicle on a lift and not raised, remove the maintenance lid. 3. Raise the vehicle, and remove the left front wheel. 4. Release the front upper stabilizer bolt. Remove the stabilizer flange nut while holding the joint pin with a hex wrench. 5. Remove the brake hose bolt, and release the wheel speed sensor wire and clip. 6. Remove the front damper pinch bolts and flange nuts. NOTE: Do not allow the knuckle to rotate too far outward.

This may allow the driveshaft inboard joint to come apart. 7. Remove the front damper cap, damper mounting nut, spring washer, and mounting base. NOTE: Hold the damper shaft with a hex wrench, and loosen the damper mounting nut. 8. Remove the front damper assembly and the front damper rubber mount. 9. Install the new left front damper assembly. NOTE: Do not fully tighten the bolts and nuts at this time. •Install the upper part of damper into the tower, and loosely secure the damper mounting nut.