Home Auto Repair How to Install the Roof Rails on a 2019 Honda Odyssey

How to Install the Roof Rails on a 2019 Honda Odyssey


Download 2019 Honda Odyssey Roof Rails Installation Instructions – 1. Apply one piece of masking tape on the vehicle
panel and one on the left roof molding as shown. Using a felt-tip pen, draw a line in the center on each piece of masking tape as shown. 2. Using a plastic trim tool, carefully remove the left roof molding. 3. Using needle nose pliers, remove the seven molding clips and the roof molding cover clip from either the molding or the roof stud bolts. 4. Using a putty knife, remove any excess sealant from the roof stud bolts.

5. Measure and use a felt-tip pen to mark the molding as shown. 6. While wearing eye protection, use an air saw to cut the molding at the marks made in step 5. Remove any burrs. 7. Install the roof molding cover clip on the molding (front). 8. Install the molding clip to the left roof molding (rear). Install the spacer to the cut end of the left roof molding (rear). 9. Install the left roof moldings back onto the roof of the vehicle as shown.