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How to Decode a Ford 302 Casting Number


Casting numbers are basically part numbers or characters that provide information about parts of a Ford 302 engine block. These numbers tell you when the part was designed, which department designed it and what it was originally designed for. Understanding Ford’s casting numbers is simple, once you gain a basic understanding of numbering structure. Majority of casting numbers consist of nine digits which are broken into three groups.

Step 1

Decode the first character letter. Ford casting numbers always start with a letter for “Decade,” according to Classicmustang.com. A Ford 302 engine can trace its roots to 1962 when it was first introduced in a Ford Fairlane. It remained in production till the mid 1990s. In the 1960s, Ford started using the numbering structure with the first letter being “C.” In 1970s, it changed to “D” and so on. For instance, if the casting number is C5ZZ-2140-CR, the decade number is “C” or 1960s.