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How to Replace a Sunroof Seal


You love the sunroof but you would enjoy it more if it would seal properly when it closed. You’ve checked the seal to see if it’s falling apart, and the rubber sealing is either shredding or pulling away from the sunroof perimeter, or it’s dry and cracking. Either way, it’s time to replace it. Sunroof seals are readily available at auto parts stores, and they come with an adhesive backing pre-applied. Once you buy the seal, follow these instructions for a relatively easy fix. You’ll have the sunroof looking new (and water tight) in no time.

Step 1

Peel away the old seal from where the 2 ends meet at the back of the sunroof cutout. Clean off old seal adhesive residue with a gentle cleanser so as not to strip paint.

Step 2

Make a mark at the halfway point in the back of the sunroof cutout with a permanent marker.