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How to Repair Taurus Dash Lights


The Ford Taurus has several lights on its instrument cluster, referred to collectively as dash lights. These lights not only illuminate important portions of the instrument cluster, they also act as warning lights whenever your Taurus needs maintenance. The easiest way to repair the dash lights is to replace them, as they are relatively cheap and do not take much time to replace. In addition, if all of the dash lights are out, you should check the dash light fuse and repair that if necessary.

Replacing the Bulbs

Step 1

Open the hood of the Taurus and disconnect the both terminals of the battery with a socket wrench. Make sure to disconnect the negative terminal first. Wait five minutes for the vehicle’s airbags to disengage.

Step 2

Remove the two screws from the underside of the dashboard above the instrument cluster, using a Phillips screwdriver. Lift off the top portion of the dash.