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How to Tighten the Steering on a Ford Crown Vic


Nevermind sharks, spiders or nightmare men with knives for fingers: Few things chill the blood more, engender quite the degree of terror, or trigger such an involuntary drop in blood pressure as the sight of Crown Vic headlights in the rear-view mirror. The legendary Crown Victoria, last champion of the full-framed, V-8 sedan, may have slipped from Ford show-rooms in 2007, but even then they had all but come to rule the fleet vehicle market. Yes, “fleet vehicles” — as in cop cars and New York City taxi cabs. These customers continued buying the old warhorse in droves until the platform was discontinued in the 2012 model year. With so many now coming up for sale in fleet auctions, it’s inevitable that a few are going to need some front-end work after all those years of service.

Front Suspension Checks

Inspect the car tires for abnormal wear or visible defects. Extreme uneven wear of front tire tread may indicate suspension component failure.