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How to Replace the O2 Sensor in a Jaguar


The Jaguar is a British luxury car imported to America and designed for style. However, because the car is sold in America, it must meet U.S. emissions standards. For this reason, your Jaguar is equipped with an O2 sensor to monitor pollution output. Over time, the sensor may stop working, and you will need to replace it to ensure your vehicle runs properly. If you don’t replace it, the Jaguar will run very rough and might not start at all.

Step 1

Locate the O2 sensor directly in front of the catalytic converter on the driver’s side of the Jaguar. The O2 sensor is white and has a green wire protruding from it. Use the replacement sensor as a visual aid.

Step 2

Trace the wire protruding from the sensor to the wiring harness it connects to. Disconnect the wire from the harness.