Home Auto Repair How to Add Freon to a 1992 Chevy Pickup

How to Add Freon to a 1992 Chevy Pickup


Charging the air conditioning system on a 1992 Chevy pickup is a common home mechanics project. Over time the system will develop small leaks caused by wear of the seals from heat and vibration, and shrinkage during cold weather. Adding freon to the system will keep it working properly without major repairs. However, the 1992 Chevy Truck comes equipped from the factory with an A/C system containing R-12 (Freon) refrigerant. Unlike the later models, equipped with R-134a refrigerant, this system requires a license to be able to purchase the refrigerant and the refrigerant is more expensive than R134a.

Step 1

Attach the A/C gauge set to the service ports on the truck. The blue (low pressure side hose) attaches to the service port located on the accumulator. The accumulator is the aluminum cylinder shaped device located on the passenger side near the fire wall.