Home Auto Repair How to Install a Camshaft for a Chevrolet 350

How to Install a Camshaft for a Chevrolet 350


Remove the radiator fan shroud. Drain the radiator, unbolt it and remove it. Unbolt the cooling fan from the water pump and pry it off of the pump with a flathead screwdriver. Loosen the alternator and remove the belts. Remove the water pump bolts and pull the water pump off of the engine.

Disconnect the fuel lines, linkages and vacuum lines from the carburetor and intake manifold. Remove the manifold-to-head bolts and pull the manifold off of the heads. Remove the valve cover bolts and pull the valve covers off.

Clear off a clean spot on a large work surface. Unbolt the rocker arms from the heads one at a time. Be sure to keep the rocker arms in order and the nuts with their matching arms. Pull the push rods out as you go and keep them with their matching arms.

Spray all around the lifters with penetrating oil. Grasp each lifter with a pair of channel-lock pliers and pull up while rotating it back and forth and spraying it with oil. Remove all of the lifters and discard them.