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How to Replace an Engine Crankshaft


Replacing the crankshaft is usually part of an engine overhaul job. However, unlike many other components you can simply remove from around the engine block, removing, handling and installing the crankshaft requires a special procedure. Since you are replacing or reconditioning the crankshaft, plan on installing a new set of bearings as well. With the engine out of the vehicle and the rest of the components off the block, you are ready to work on the crankshaft.

Removing the Crankshaft

Step 1

Mount the engine block on an engine stand for support or set it on a workbench.

Step 2

Inspect the main bearing caps. They should be numbered consecutively, starting at the front of the engine. Arrows on the caps should point to the front of the engine as well. If necessary, use a stamping die set to identify each cap so you can replace them in their exact location and position.