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How to Use a Schumacher SE Battery Charger


12-volt lead acid cells play an important role in everyday life by providing the energy needed to start and run vehicles like cars and boats. However, these batteries will lose their charge through a variety of circumstances. When this occurs, it is common to “jump-start” a vehicle so it can then charge its own battery. When another vehicle is not available, the common solution to this is a battery charger. The procedures needed to charge a 12-volt lead acid cell (battery) using a Schumacher SE-series battery charger are similar to other manufacturers suggested procedures.

Step 1

Identify the polarity of the terminals of the battery to be charged. It is vital that you know the negative and positive sides of the battery or personal injury and equipment damage could result. This is designated by “pos” or “+” for positive and “neg” or “-” for negative.