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How to Identify a Chevy Cam


Camshafts come in a wide array of variations, and Chevrolet has a range of camshafts for different applications, engine sizes and performance specs. As each engine model comes with a specific camshaft, proper identification is key to finding the right one. Because the camshaft orchestrates the entire valve system, your Chevy won’t run properly without it. Many camshaft number reference sites exist online for V8 engines, but determining the camshaft specs for six- and four-cylinder engines may require contacting a Chevrolet parts department.

Step 1

Remove the camshaft from the engine if necessary. This is an involved process, requiring the removal of the engine’s front end. The radiator, hoses, timing assembly, belts and fan will need to be removed to access the camshaft. This is a job for professionals and the mechanically-inclined.