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How to Hook Up a Timing Light


Step 4: Locate the black wire on the timing light and attach it to the negative battery terminal.

Step 5: Connect the trigger clip, also called the inductive pickup clamp, to the first spark plug wire. If there is an arrow on the clip, turn the clip in the designated direction. The timing light is now ready to use. Engage the help of a friend or family member to get inside the car and start the engine so you can use the timing light.

Tips: Check your timing light against a digital engine analyzer for accuracy. Compare the two below 2,500 rpm.

Do not allow the trigger clip to contact anything other than the first spark plug wire.

Follow the light manufacturer’s instructions or arrows when they dictate pointing the trigger clip in a specific direction. If this is not done, the timing information will be inaccurate. Items you will need: Pencil, Timing light