Home Auto Repair How Do I Check the Oil Level in a Yamaha Virago 750?

How Do I Check the Oil Level in a Yamaha Virago 750?


Living with Yamaha’s Virago motorcycle can be relatively pain-free. With maintenance chores kept to a minimum, thanks to the Virago’s reliable 750cc motor, the bike’s owner can concentrate on the road ahead. However, one of the basic skills every Virago owner should have under his belt is knowing how and where to check the motor’s oil level. A simple yet vital maintenance skill that does not require tools, checking your Virago’s oil level should be done before every ride.

Step 1

Shift your motorcycle into “Neutral” and start the motor, allowing the oil to warm by letting the motor run for five to 10 minutes. Once the motor has warmed up to operating temperature, stop the motor and turn the ignition switch to the “Off” position.

Step 2

Stand to the left of the motorcycle locate the oil sight glass on the side of the motor. The sight glass is positioned below the front cylinder on the engine case.