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How Do I Make a Honda CRF-100 Dirt Bike Faster?


Being able to squeeze more speed out of a Honda CRF-100 dirt bike can make all the difference between leading the pack or being left in the dust. But finding this extra speed can be a challenge without making a few modifications to the dirt bike’s motor, fuel system and final drive. Some of these modifications are easy enough for most people to accomplish on their own in one afternoon. However, major power gains require extensive mechanical skill and a healthy wallet. Evaluate your expectations and make the right modifications to best suit your budget.

Step 1

Replace the stock 14-tooth front sprocket with a smaller aftermarket 13-tooth sprocket. This will increase the motorcycle’s ability to accelerate quickly in any gear. Take note, however, that the overall top speed of the dirt bike will be decreased. Install a larger 16-tooth front sprocket to provide a higher top speed with a slight loss of outright acceleration.