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Ways to Make a Mini Pocket Rocket Go Faster


Packing an insatiable appetite for speed in a small package, a pocket bike can be deceptively fast. Although speeds nearing 60 mph aren’t uncommon, the possibility of modifying your pocket to go even faster is within reach. Most modifications require only a few minor upgrades, while some may involve a bit more technical expertise.

Exhaust Upgrades

Like their full-size counterparts, pocket bikes can find considerable performance gains by upgrading their exhaust systems. Aftermarket exhaust manufacturers spend a great deal of time in the tuning process to develop their products. Factors such as pipe length, diameter and exhaust flow contribute to the total performance of the exhaust pipe. Two-stroke bikes can benefit from a properly tuned expansion chamber, which maximizes the volume of fuel and air that is combusted by the motor. Likewise, four-stroke bikes can also gain top-end performance by switching to a less restrictive pipe that flows as directly as possible.