Home Auto Repair 2003-2007 Cadillac CTS Right of heater control Installation

2003-2007 Cadillac CTS Right of heater control Installation


Download DASH DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION Remove the coin tray/ash tray and remove the 7mm screw through the hole beneath the ash tray. With a dash trim removal tool, carefully pry out on the heather control trim and remove it. Skip to the next page to modify your MVM if you have not done so already. With a razor blade, carefully trim the plastic ridge on the right side of the dash. With the supplied phillips screw, attach the MVM to the inside of the dash as shown. Carefully reinstall the dash in reverse order securing all screws and clips to the bezel. Install the included Ultra Slim Swivel #PHS-203 to your Multi Vehicle Mount or any other AMPs compatible device. Your installation is complete .Position the MVM as shown in PICTURE 1. Cut the MVM on the RED LINES in PICTURE 2 and bend on the YELLOW LINES in relation to the fi nal product in Picture 3. Return to Step 4 to complete your installation. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS COMPLETELY BEFORE INSTALLING THIS BRACKETRON MOBILE SOLUTION. This Professional Swivel Mount Solution is designed to be mounted to your MVM or any other 4 hole AMPs compatible mounting device. The Ultra Slim Swivel is compact with a low profi le and is designed to provide adjustability to devices such as Satellite Radio Receivers, GPS monitors or Mobile Phones. The Ultra Slim Swivel angles your device for better viewing, tilting approx 15° in all directions and swivels 360° degrees for maximum adjustability.