Home Auto Repair 2001 Chevrolet Impala V6-3.8L VIN K Oil Pan Replacement

2001 Chevrolet Impala V6-3.8L VIN K Oil Pan Replacement


Download 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Remove the fuel injector sight shield. 3. Disconnect the intake air temperature (IAT) sensor electrical connector. 4. Remove the air inlet duct from the throttle body. 5. Remove the drive belt. 6. Remove the right and the left engine mount struts. 7. Install the engine support fixture. 8. Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to Vehicle Lifting. 9. Remove the right exhaust manifold pipe stud nuts from the catalytic converter. 10. Remove the right front tire and wheel. 11. Remove the right side engine splash shield retainers and the engine splash shield. 12. Remove the oil filter and drain the engine oil. 13. Remove the A/C compressor nuts and the A/C compressor. DO NOT discharge the A/C system. Reposition and secure the A/C compressor. 14. Remove the A/C compressor bracket bolts and the A/C compressor bracket. 15. Remove the power steering oil cooler pipe brackets from the frame. 16. Disconnect the oil level sensor electrical connector. 17. Remove the oil level sensor wiring harness bolt and reposition the oil level sensor wiring harness. 18. Remove the engine mount lower nuts from the engine mount. 19. Lower the vehicle. 20. Use the engine support fixture to raise the engine. 21. Raise the vehicle. 22. Remove the left engine mount bracket bolts from the engine. 23. Remove the right engine mount bracket bolts from the engine. Support the frame with jackstands. Loosen the left side frame bolts. Remove the right side frame bolts Using the jackstands, lower the right side frame for the engine mount bracket removal.