Home Auto Repair 2006 Volkswagen Mk5 GTI/GLI 2.0T Exhaust System Installation

2006 Volkswagen Mk5 GTI/GLI 2.0T Exhaust System Installation


Download Installation of the A.W.E Tuning Exhaust System components is very straight forward. 1. Remove the OEM exhaust system. On the VW Jetta, this requires cutting the OEM system at the bend before the rear axle beam. 2. Installation of the AWE Tuning exhaust is reverse of OEM removal. 3. Note that each tubing slip joint is an adjustment point on the AWE Tuning exhaust to ensure proper fitment. Also note that some of the factory exhaust hangers are also adjustable with slotted bolt holes to allow further adjustments. Reuse the factory sleeve clamp to attach our catback to the factory downpipe or to attach it to our downpipe. 4. When installing the downpipe, first soak the downpipe to turbo nuts in a penetrating oil for several hours to ensure easy removal. Also be sure to rotate the resonator and cat sections during install so that the second and third (CBFA TSI cars only) oxygen sensors clear the tunnel heat shield. When installing the catalytic converter section, it is very important to ensure there are no leaks at the forward slip joint where it attaches to the downpipe. It is mandatory that the included high temp exhaust paste be used at this slip joint. Any leaks at this point can result in a fault code being triggered in the fuel injection ECU and a Check Engine Light. 5. After downpipe install, ensure that the flex joint area is not contacting the factory heat shield mat at arrow in Figure 3. The mat is flexible and can be pushed away from downpipe if there is contact.