Home Auto Repair 2006-Up Audi A3 Sportback Trailer Lighting Converter Installation

2006-Up Audi A3 Sportback Trailer Lighting Converter Installation


Download WIRING CONVERTER The converter used for the A3 is the Hopkins Manufacturing (Hoppy) 46365. This model is specified because: 1. It isolates the load of the trailer lighting from the vehicle lighting circuits. The connections to the wiring of the vehicle lights are for sensing voltage only. A separate, dedicated power source connection provides power for the trailer lights. 2. It protects the vehicle from short circuits in the trailer lighting. 3. It will not interfere with the vehicle’s ‘bulb failure’ diagnostics. 4. It has been tested and found to work properly when installed as described in these instructions. PREPARING THE CARGO AREA • Open the rear hatch • Remove the cargo area cover (shelf) • Remove the cargo net (if present) & any rubber cargo liner (if present) • Fold down both rear seatbacks • Remove the carpeted floor panel which covers the spare The crosspanel (black plastic trim) along the edge of the hatch opening must be removed. Figures ‘A’ and ‘B’ above indicate the locations to grasp: • Grasp it above the cargo net hooks as shown in ‘B’ above, and pull straight upward. Four clips will pop out of their spots loudly as it comes up. • Pull evenly on both left and right sides at once, not at an angle. Note how the gasket originally overlaps the crosspanel, and the crosspanel pulls out from under it. When the crosspanel is reinstalled later, the gasket will need to be returned to its original position over-lapping, not pinched by, the crosspanel. Figure ‘C’ above shows the cargo area with the crosspanel removed. The painted metal that is now visible is a hol-low channel.