Home Auto Repair 1999-2005 Chevy Silverado Signal Mirror Installation Instructions

1999-2005 Chevy Silverado Signal Mirror Installation Instructions


Download Mirror Housing Removal 1. Open driver side door. Lower window. 2. Remove door lock cover. 3. Unsnap and remove the triangular molding that covers the mirror mounting screws. 4. Unsnap and remove the molding that covers the door handle. Remove the screw behind the door handle. 5. Unsnap the control console and unplug the wires. Remove the screw located behind the arm rest. 6. Dislodge the door panel by pulling it up and away from the door slightly. Disconnect light and tweeter connections and remove door panel. 7. Secure mirror with one hand. Proceed cautiously to avoid dropping articles into the door panel. Remove the 3 mirror mounting nuts using a 10mm socket. 8. Remove mirror from door. 9. Place the mirror housing on a clean level surface. Push on the outer edge of the mirror to manually pivot it fully outward so a flat head screwdriver can be inserted under its inner edge between the backplate and motor actuator. Gently twist and pull on the screwdriver until backplate dislodges from motor actuator. Repeat the process by moving the screwdriver around until backplate unsnaps from motor actuator. NOTE: If you have heated mirrors, disconnect the heater wires from the heater terminals. The polarity on the heater terminals is reversible so it is not necessary to label the terminals. Remove OE mirror from mirror housing. 10. Remove the rubber insulation on the mirror mounting frame to expose the wire routing passage.