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Cadillac Escalade Emblem Re-mount Kit Installation Instructions


Download 1. The stock emblem that is attached to your escalade may be used. Please note that the stock emblem is attached via automotive strength double side tape and is very hard to get off. Using care and taking your time you will be able to remove. 2. You also have the option to purchase a new emblem from GM. Carriage Works Inc. this option. Check with your dealer for the correct part#. 3. If plan on using the stock emblem that came on your vehicle, please note that you will need to re-apply double sided tape (note provided) to the emblem before you can attach emblem to vehicle. 4. If using a NEW emblem simply peel the backing off the tape and apply to the supplied remount back-ing plate. There are locating nubs on the back of the emblem that will match up to the backing plate as shown in the next step. 5. Match the nubs from the emblem to the backing plate and press together for it to adhere. Using the supplied 10-24 nyloc nuts attach the emblem to the vehicle. You can use your judgement as to where you would like the placement of the emblem. Some like it offset to the top some like directly in the middle and other like offset to the bottom. Completed Installation For installation of billet grilles that require cutting of the stock shell, proper tools, knowledge and skill are needed. Carriage Works is not responsible for care & accuracy of the installation, only for Fit & Finish of its products. Use a qualified installer or contact original vendor for references to complete all instructions.