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2003-2004 Dodge Truck Stainless Steel Header Exhaust System


Download Stock System Removal: The ’03 and ’04 Dodge Hemi 4WD stock system removal is similar but not exact between year models. These instructions will differentiate between the two models with notes. Please read the instructions carefully. Place the vehicle up on jack stands or a hydraulic lift to provide access to the bottom of the vehicle. You should plan to get the bottom of the vehicle at least 3 feet off the ground to allow for the insertion of the headers from below. • For safety and to protect your vehicle’s electrical system, remove the ground cable from the negative battery terminal. • Loosen the lug nuts on both front wheels and remove the wheels • Remove the inner fender panels from both the driver and passenger side of the vehicle. They are held in position by several small hex head screws and Phillips head screws in the case of mud flaps. There is at least one “christmas tree” barb holding a portion of the wiring harness to the inside of each fender panel. • Begin underneath the vehicle. Along the passenger side of the stock system, unplug both the front and rear O2 sensors from the wiring harness. Carefully remove both sensors from the system. Mark each sensor with a magic marker with either an “F” for front or an “R” for rear. Set these sensors aside for re-installation later in the assembly process. • Spray the forward most OEM band clamp of the extension tube coming from the front end of the muffler with some penetrating fluid. Let it soak for a few minutes and then loosen the band clamp nut.