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Audi TT V-Flow Intake Installation Instructions


Download Start with your Phillips head screw driver and remove the three screws on top of your battery cover. Then remove the battery cover from the car. Firmly grasp the plug on top of your MAF sensor nplugging it. Lay the plug back away from the intake system. Using your Phillips head screwdriver loosen the hose clamp next to the MAF housing. You will notice a hose with a 90 degree bend and a small plastic ring around the end of it snapped into place at the bottom of the factory air box. Firmly squeeze the top and the bottom of that ring squeezing together and pull the hose off of the factory air box. Pull the hose back and tuck it back out of the work space. Grasp the hose connecting to the MAF housing and remove it from the MAF housing. Let it rest up against the MAF housing Take the 10mm socket, extension, and wrench. Remove the two bolts that secure the factory air box to the car. One is behind the negative battery terminal and the other is at the opposite corner of the air box, in front of the driver’s side strut tower. Next you will remove the factory air box. First lift up on the side closest to the engine, and then lift up on the side closest to the fender. As you lift up on the fender side you should notice a large rubber peg slide out of a hole in the fender lining, If your car has the fresh air duct that was attached to the air box running along side the inside of the fender, you will notice that the air box should come separated from this fresh air duct