Home Auto Repair Audi R8 V10 Supersport Exhaust Installation Instructions

Audi R8 V10 Supersport Exhaust Installation Instructions


Download 1. Begin exhaust removal by raising the vehicle and removing both rear wheels. 2. Using a T30 torx driver, remove the fasteners securing the rear fender liners. (16 per side) Note the location of each fastener as it’s being removed as there are two different styles of fasteners used. 3. Remove the lower engine cover using a T30 torx driver. There are 28 fasteners securing the cover and air ducts. Again, be sure to note the location of the fasteners. 4. At the rear of the intake manifold, between the MAF sensors is a cosmetic cover. This can be removed by gently pulling up and off. 5. Begin removal of the engine compartment side covers by loosening all the quarter turn fasteners and removing the power steering cap. 6. Making sure the rear hatch is supported, remove each gas support strut one at a time and pull each engine compartment cover out. 7. Using a flatblade screwdriver or a 7mm socket, loosen the hose clamps securing the hoses to each throttle body. 8. Using a T30 torx driver, remove the 4 screws securing the air box to the chassis. 9. Pull the rubber intake hoses off the throttle bodies and lift the air box out of the vehicle. 10. With the rear spoiler fully raised there will be two screens visible. (One on each side, between the spoiler and deck.) Using a T20 and T30 torx driver remove all fasteners securing the screens (6 total).