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Audi R8 European Tail Lamps Installation Instructions


Download Overview This installation guide covers retrofitting of the European V8 (red) and V10 (smoked) tail lamps into North American vehicles. The benefit of these lights is the separation of brake and turn signals, the latter of which is positioned inside the white stripe across the bottom of the lights. The North American lamps do not utilize this area of the light. No part of this installation can NOT be undone, which means that no wires are cut and no components are destroyed. Everything can be put back to stock if necessary. Parts Required for Installation – European Tail Lamp Set – V8 or V10 Tools, Installation and Wiring – This installation is intended to be completed by an authorized Audi dealership. – They will know what tools are needed to remove the bumper and replace the lights. – No wiring changes are required for this installation. Coding There is just one module in the vehicle that will need to be changed in order to complete this installation. Using VCDS/VAG-Com, VAS or something similar, you will need to modify the following areas w/new values below. Access Central Electronics (Module 09) and then Coding (07): 1. Byte 13 will need to be set to 0. 2. Byte 22 will need to have Bit 1, 4 and 7 checked. 3. Byte 22 will need to have Bit 6 unchecked. Summary Once all of these steps have been completed, cycle power on the vehicle and check to ensure that the main LED circles illuminate for parking and braking, but NOT for turn or hazard signals.