Home Auto Repair Audi R8 AMI Retrofit Installation Instructions

Audi R8 AMI Retrofit Installation Instructions


Download 1. Disconnect battery before starting. This can be done by sliding the thin access panel in the boot to the right and setting it aside to expose the battery. 2. Slide driver and passenger seats all the way forward and then folding them to access the rear storage shelf. 3. Using the 9mm, remove the two bolts near the center of the rear shelf. Do NOT remove the outer bolts, as they do not secure the shelf and will usually break when tampered with. 4. Remove the rear cargo shelf and set it aside. 4.1. Make sure the rubber feet come out with the shelf. If not, remove them and reattach to shelf. A trim tool is helpful for this, as they can be persistently attached to the vehicle floor. 4.2. If the bezel around the CD-changer is catching on the unit during removal, pull it forward gently and separate it from the shelf. If it comes off cleanly with the shelf, remove it and set aside. 5. Disconnect the harness from the CD-Changer. This can be done by pinching the release tabs on either side and wiggling it loose. The harness is not required and can lay behind the changer once unplugged. 6. Depress the tab on either side of the CD-changer and slide it forward out of the mounting bracket. Set this aside with the bezel. 7. Remove the CD-changer bracket from the vehicle by removing the three Torx T-30 screws holding it to the rear shelf. Some vehicles will have tape covering these screws, which should be preserved to install onto the new AMI bracket.