Home Auto Repair 1993 Mazda 626 Speedometer – Replacement Procedure

1993 Mazda 626 Speedometer – Replacement Procedure

Download NOTE: 1. Mazda vehicles are manufactured with tamper-proof speedometers and the mileage can not be altered or adjusted. 2. When a speedometer is replaced, the new speedometer will read zero (0). 3. This procedure is extremely important to accurately represent actual vehicle mileage. 4. The “Speedometer Replacement Label” referenced below is available through the Mazda Program Center for a limited time. Mazda Motor of America, Inc. is providing 1 sheet of 20 labels with this bulletin (see Illustration). REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE 1. Remove and replace the speedometer according to the workshop manual. 2. Complete the following information on the “Speedometer Replacement Label.” ^ Mileage before speedometer replacement ^ Date of replacement ^ Dealer code. 3. Attach the label to the driver’s side “B” pillar. 4. Complete the “Speedometer Replacement Record” in the Warranty Information Booklet as referenced.