Home Auto Repair How to Install OME Suspension on Toyota Landcruiser '98-07

How to Install OME Suspension on Toyota Landcruiser '98-07


Download How to Install OME Suspension on Toyota Landcruiser ’98-07 – 1. Start by lifting the vehicle safely on a flat surface. Remove all wheels including the Spare Tire. Support vehicle by the frame rails. Hint; Take pre and post measurements of the vehicle height. Measure from the center of the wheel or hub to the bottom of fender opening. Record your findings for all four corners. 2. Beginning with the rear suspension, properly support the axle housing. 3. Disconnect the sway bar by removing the two brackets (four bolts) on the axle housing. 4. Remove the shock top nut. It may be necessary to hold the shock body stationary to keep it from rotating. Remove lower bolt and remove shock. Remove the shock and coil one side at a time. 5. Allow the rear axle to safely/ slowly droop allowing removal of the coil spring. If necessary, pry or pull down on the housing to unseat the spring. The springs should be removed with minimal effort. Note; Use caution as not to overly extend and or damage any ABS or Brake lines. Install the new coil spring. Ensure proper placement of the upper and lower spring perches. Rotate if necessary to properly seat. Note; Some coil spring applications include a short and long spring. The longer spring installs on the driver’s side of the vehicle.