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Pontiac Solstice Spoiler Installation Guide


Download Pontiac Solstice Spoiler Installation Guide – 1. Place the provided “Black T-Straps” in the bolt holes of the spoiler. Note: The “T-Straps” have “Pilot” holes for reference on where you will be drilling the mounting holes. 2. Place the spoiler on the trunk lid. Line and adjust appropriately ensuring an initial proper fit. Remove the spoiler leaving the “T-Straps”. 3. Using masking tape, place the tape on the “T-Straps” securing them to the trunk lid. 4. Remove the spoiler, leaving the T-straps taped to the vehicle. You will need a 1/8th” bit to drill through the TOP portion where the “pilot holes” are located. 5. Once the holes have been drilled, remove the “T-Straps” and drill “1/4inch” holes through the top & bottom of the trunk lid. 6. Next you will need to drill a 1” inch opening through the “INNER” portion of the trunk lid only making sure not to go through the entire trunk lid to the outer surface. This step will require a special drill bit. “Not included with spoiler“. 7. Using the ¼”X ¾” Pan Head Screws and the ¼”X1”inch washers, attach the spoiler.