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Lamborghini Auxiliary Gauges Installation Manual


Download Lamborghini Auxiliary Gauges Installation Manual – Handbrake Installation Steps 1. Using the low tack tape, tape off the leather around the auxiliary gauges. 2. The lid is secured in the front by two ‘Christmas tree’ plastic plugs and Velcro. These are directly over the gauges. The Christmas trees are circled in red. The Velcro in blue. The back of the panel has two clips that are inserted into the dash to hold the rear section down. 3. Pull up on the front corner while supporting the middle of the panel. We’ve highlighted the location of the Christmas tree. 4. Once you have one side partially lifted, locate the Velcro strip by peering in through the side. Insert the MAcarbon chisel tool into the Velcro in order to break the bond. Without the chisel tool, you have to pull very hard on the lid. 5. Remove the gauge cover. 6. Disconnect the front sensor from the cover panel. The sensor is located up close to the windshield. 7. Locate the two T-20 screws securing the auxiliary gauges to the dashboard. There is one on the left and one on the right. These photos were taken though the windshield. It can be difficult to get an eye on the screws.