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Ford Explorer Conversion Van Repair Guide


Download Ford Explorer Conversion Van Repair Guide – Interior Conversion Fuse Box. To replace one of these fuses, simply pull the protruding plastic tab directly towards you and replace the burnt fuse with one of the same size. Overhead Console. Sunroof Control. The front overhead console in your van will be equipped with a unique arrangement of switches. This arrangement is determined by the options installed in your van. These switches operate items such as indirect lights, cabinet lights, fog lights and the sunroof. Rear Air/Heat Fan Switch Below the console switches you will find the Rear Air/Heat Master Switch. This switch mush be on AUX for the rear switch to operate. If it is not, only the front switch will operate the unit. NOTE: The Sunroof switch is a TOUCH SWITCH. DO NOT HOLD THE BUTTON! To Open: On the first touch the Sunroof will pop up. The sunroof will slide open on the second touch. To Close: The first touch will slide the sunroof forward. Touch the button again and the sunroof will recess back into the frame. The sunroof will automatically close when the key is turned off.