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How to Change the Wheel Bearing on a 1995 Mazda 626


The 626 is a popular model for Mazda introduced in the late 1970s. It continued to sell through the 2000s. This family car is moderately priced and equipped with a 2.2-liter engine. The 626 offers the option of a sedan or hatchback-style body. Like all vehicles, maintenance is a top priority to ensure the vehicle maintains high performance and is safe to use. Wheel bearings in the 626 require regular changes as they tend to pick up dirt and water, which results in their wear. The replacement of the wheel bearings in the 1995 626 takes less than an hour with the right tools.

Tools Used: Tools, Floor jack, Jack stands, Torque wrench, Bearing grease, Metal wire or zip tie, Ratchet and socket set, Lug nut wrench, New oil seal, Bearing race driver tool, Assorted wrenches, New spindle nut, New wheel bearings, New snap ring, New cotter pin, Assistant

Change Wheel Bearing

Raise the rear of the car with the jack. Insert the jack stands under the car body, and lower the car onto the jack stands.

Use the lug nut wrench to remove the lug nuts from the rear wheels, and pull off the rear wheels. Place the wheels aside.

Have an assistant depress the brake pedal. Loosen the axle nut using the ratchet and socket set. Remove the axle nut slowly, and throw it away. Remove the brake drum thereafter.