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Crankshaft Sensor Positioning – 1992 Buick Regal


Download Crankshaft Sensor Positioning – 1992 Buick Regal – REMOVE OR DISCONNECT 1. Serpentine belt from the crankshaft pulley. 2. Raise the vehicle on a hoist. 3. Right front tire and wheel assembly. 4. Right inner fender access cover. 5. Using a 28 mm socket, remove the crankshaft harmonic balancer retaining bolt. 6. Crankshaft harmonic balancer using tool J 38197 or equivalent. 7. Sensor electrical connector. 8. Foreign object deflector. (DO NOT use a pry bar.) 9. Sensor and pedestal from block face. 10. Sensor from pedestal. INSTALL OR CONNECT: 1. Loosely install the crankshaft sensor on the pedestal. 2. Position the sensor with pedestal attached on special Tool J 37089. 3. Position the special tool on the crankshaft. 4. Bolts to hold the pedestal to the block face, torque to 20-40 Nm (14-28 ft lbs). 5. Torque the pedestal pinch bolt to 4-4.5 Nm (36-40 in lbs). 6. Remove special tool J 37089. 7. Foreign object deflector. 8. Place the special tool 37089 on the harmonic balancer and turn. If any vane of the harmonic balancer touches the tool, replace the balancer assembly. 9. Balancer on the  rankshaft.
^ Apply thread sealer (GM 1052080) or equivalent to the threads of the balancer bolt.