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How to Remove a Spare Tire on a ’02 Mazda MPV


The 2002 Mazda MPV minivan carries a compact spare tire well-hidden from the passenger compartment. The spare is located under the van body between the passenger seat and first row of rear seats, and can be removed by following a few simple steps.


  • Remove the lug wrench and spare tire lever from the jack storage area in the panel inside the wall of the van’s rear cargo area. The spare tire lever is a rod that is square on one end and has a small crossbar on the other end.
  • Remove the side spoiler cap on the passenger side of the MPV. Two round fasteners on the underside of the spoiler cap must be rotated counterclockwise, and then the spoiler cap can be pulled away from the van.
  • Open the sliding passenger side door and find the spare tire socket cap in front of the second row passenger seat nearest the passenger side of the van. Unscrew the cap to the spare tire socket, turning the cap in a counterclockwise direction. Combine the spare tire lever and lug wrench into a crank by inserting the square end of the lever into the corresponding hole in the handle of the lug wrench.