Home Auto Repair 2008 Honda CBR 600RR Dual Canister Slip-On Installation

2008 Honda CBR 600RR Dual Canister Slip-On Installation


Download 2008 Honda CBR 600RR Dual Canister Slip-On Installation – 1. Insure the exhaust system and exhaust Components are fully cooled. 2. Insure the motorcycle is stable on Kickstand or rear centerstand or Service table. 3. Remove both the front and rear seats. 4. Remove the 4 bolts holding the tail Fairing to the subframe and remove The tail fairing. 5. Remove trim plastic just above right Side footpeg. (remove the one bolt and Unclip) 6. Remove lower foot peg bracket and Remove the heat shield bolt. Allow The foot peg bracket to hang by the Hose and wires. 7. Remove the passanger foot peg Bracket on the right side. 8. Unplug the 3 wire connectors that go To the rear blinkers and tail light. They are located under the front seat On the left side. 9. Remove the complete rear fender Assembly (2 bolts per side). 10. Remove the heat shield covering the Exhaust mid-pipe. 11. Loosen the clamp on the mid-pipe. This Is located right behind the front Lower peg bracket. (it is not Uncommon for the threads to sieze on The clamp and for the bolt to break Upon removal) 14. Remove the bolt holding the muffler Heat shield. 15. Separate the muffler from the heat Shield as pictured. 16. Remove the stock muffler by pulling The muffler down and away while Lifting the mid-pipe up where it is Clamped to the header. 17. Remove the exhaust gasket from the Header if it did not come off with the Stock muffler.