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Ford Wheel Torque Specs


Wheel lug or wheel bolt torque is the measurement used to described how tightly you secure the lugs/bolts when attaching the wheel. Every vehicle has a manufacturer-recommended wheel lug torque measurement in foot-pounds. Use a lug wrench to properly torque wheels on your Ford. You can find wheel lug torque specifications in your owner’s manual or from most mechanics.

Ford Aspire, Contour, Festiva, Probe and Tempo

Ford produced these models in the 1980s and 1990s. Aspire wheel torque specifications are 85 foot-pounds. Wheel lug torque on the Contour varies by year; 1995 through 1997 models are 65 foot-pounds, 1998 models are 85 foot-pounds and 1999 through 2000 models are 95 foot-pounds. Festiva and Probe specifications measure at 85 foot-pounds. Tempos measure at 100 foot-pounds.