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Torque Value for ’09 Honda CR-V Spark Plugs


In 1997, the CR-V hit the market as one of the first compact crossover SUVs. Its large cargo area, four-cylinder engine and car underpinnings allowed it to haul like an SUV, while it handled and got gas mileage similar to a car. The 2009 CR-V came with a 2.4-liter engine and a Maintenance Minder system that displayed “A 4” or “B 4” in the odometer screen when it was time to replace the spark plugs.

Spark Plug Torque and Type

Honda recommends NGK IZFR6K-11 or Denso SKJ20DR-M11 spark plugs in the 2009 CR-V, but you can opt for an equivalent set of plugs from a different manufacturer. The CR-V requires a spark plug gap of 0.044 inch. This gap is not adjustable, so exchange and incorrectly gapped plugs for new ones. The spark plugs in the CR-V require 13 foot-pounds of torque.