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2014 Jeep Cherokee Owner’s Manual Free Download


Download 2014 Jeep Cherokee Owner’s Manual Free Download – Maintaining Your Vehicle Onboard Diagnostic System — OBD II Your vehicle is equipped with a sophisticated onboard diagnostic system called OBD II. This system monitors the performance of the emissions, engine, and automatic transmission control systems. When these systems are operating properly, your vehicle will provide excellent performance and fuel economy, as well as engine emissions well within current government regulations. If any of these systems require service, the OBD II system will turn on the “Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL).” It will also store diagnostic codes and other information to assist your service technician in making repairs. Although your vehicle will usually be drivable and not need towing, see your authorized dealer for service as soon as possible. EMISSIONS INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS In some localities, it may be a legal requirement to pass an inspection of your vehicle’s emissions control system. Failure to pass could prevent vehicle registration. For states that require an Inspection and Maintenance (I/M), this check verifies the “Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)” is functioning and is not on when the engine is running, and that the OBD II system is ready for testing. Normally, the OBD II system will be ready.